Quickset Insurance Associates

(910) 319-4127


    • Step one: Initial contact
      • Welcome email sent with requested information
    • Step two: 1st meeting or 2nd meeting
      • Review your current positions and interest
      • Offer to accept Customer as client - Complete a customer profile
      • Set and record goals
      • Obtain copies of existing plans/policies
      • Up to seven days of research
    • Step three: 2nd meeting or 3rd meeting
      • Present goal-based options
      • Financial management statement
      • Summary statement with signatures
    • Step four: Implementation
      • Complete forms, applications etc.
      • Scrub applications; make corrections as needed (signatures maybe required)
    • Step five: Log client information in our Client Relationship Management Software
    • Step six: Carrier submission
      • Email copies of documents and submission information (manual process-document scan to pdf)
    • Step seven: Policy delivery
      • Goal review/next steps
      • Schedule annual review